LOC method with overnight plopping made hair shrink and greasy?

So I have 3b/3c thick hair, with medium-fine strands and low porosity. I used the LOC method for the first time. I used Kinky-Curly Knot Today, Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter, and SheaMoisture Smoothie on wet hair in that order, followed by overnight plopping with a T-shirt. The next morning my curls were defined and without frizz, but were still wet, greasy, and had extreme shrinkage. I want to try again, but I want to avoid the shrinkage and the grease. Any tips for next time? Maybe I used too much product?

1 Answer

I also have 3B hair and the curl enhancing smoothie always makes my curls a little more moisturized and sometimes over moisturized so I end up with greasy wet hair. Don't worry many people complain that the smoothie adds to their drying time. I found that if I plop overnight I have to diffuse the top to stretch it out a little but honestly I would just plop during the day for a couple hours then diffuse. You'd have way less shrinkage. If you want to try another method I'd suggest using the LOC with the same products then (if you have a hooded dryer) sit under t for 20 minutes then diffuse the wet spots. I learned this technique from my Deva stylist.