Loc method products???

I'm a little confused on which products should be used when doing the loc method. Can anyone explain what products you like to use when doing the loc method.

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Hi, I'm not sure if you have read my answer on your other topic but I explained it a bit over there. L stands for liquid/leave in, use something that moisturizes your hair for example I use cantu curl activator. O stands for Oil, you might want to experiment how your hair reacts to oil but if your hair doesn't like heavy oils then you could use jojoba oil to seal it. C stands for cream which is thicker than the liquid and has the purpose of defining the curls. I use the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie or the curls ecstasy deep conditioner.So this is LOC, there is also LCO which I prefer. Experiment what works better for you. You could also replace the oil or only use the oil in the ends of your hair and use a gel for the rest.Good luck!
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