How to look after my 3B hair And keep it moisturized

I'm 18 years old and since I was about 11 I've been straightening my hair now I've decided I want it natural. As I'm mixed race no one in my family really knows how to look after my hair. I went to a hair shop and they recommended a product which most of my hair fell out. Sadly my hair keeps falling out no matter what I do. I shampoo and condition my hair once a week and while its wet I run a comb through it. After I put some coconut hair pudding on it and then put some Argan or coconut oil in it. Then everyday after I will refresh it with a mix of Alovera and water and seal it in with Argan and coconut oil. I would like advice on how to keep my scalp moisturized so my hair doesn't fall out. As well as how to make my hair healthier and just how to look after it in general.

1 Answer

Well, since you've straightened your hair a lot in the past it may be a little harder to get it to look healthier. I recommend using a deep conditioner. I've had great results in my hair from using the Dr. Miracles Tingling Deep Conditoner. My hair was super dry at one point and when I did this deep conditioner it helped bring back some moisture that I lost. As for your scalp, part your hair into different sections and put some sort of hydrating cream or oil (olive oil for hair works best for me) on the part lines. That helped me. I'm not sure how to help you with your hair falling out but I'm guessing that it is because your hair is going through this. Hope this helped a little bit.