Lose sulfates in silicones in all products or just shampoo?

Should all products used on curly hair have no sulfates and silicones, or does only shampoo matter? I have a leave in conditioner I just realized had 1 silicone in it, do I need to stop using it? 

1 Answer

If you use products - any products, but especially conditioners and stylers - with silicones, you need to use a shampoo with a sulfate of some kind to break down those silicones. Silicones are NOT water soluble, which means shampoos that don't have a strong enough cleansing agent won't clean them from your hair and you'll have nasty buildup.If you go silicone-free, you can also go sulfate-free! This is usually when your hair and scalp are happiest, but you can also use light stylers with silicones and a gentle sulfate shampoo. But it's really one or the other - sulfate shampoos and products with silicones, or sulfate-free shampoo and no silicones.