Losing Curls! Solutions??

I was born with extremely curly hair. No one in my family really advised me o now to cope with my curls and how to look after/maintain them. When i began high school, I begun straightening my hair everyday as my fellow peers would encourage me to do so - "oh you look much better with straight hair". Now I am in my final year of being a teen, I have realised i have made a massive mistake. I should never had straightened my hair. My hair is still curly but not as curly as it was. My hair is damaged and thin. If i stop using heat on my hair and us bantu knots (to encourage and enhance my curls), do you think I can get my curls back? :(

1 Answer

Look into the Curly Girl Method to get you hair into better shape. Look into a good protein mask like Aphogee or Hask Keratin mask. But ultimately a lot of that damage will need to be cut off and the healthier hair that you will now be growing in should be curly like it used to be (assuming your hormones and body hasn't naturally made a shift in your hair texture, which can happen). I'm not sure what curl pattern you used to have or have now but search Curly Girl in YouTube and find some bloggers with advice. For type 2 wavies RockynCurls and The Polished Curl. For type 3 curls BiancaRenee and SunkissAlba are good. For Type 4 Naptural85 are all worth checking out. Getting your hair healthier will likely require you to change products to sulfate free shampoo, weekly deep conditioning, detangling in the shower, using a T-shirt not a towel on your hair and sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Be patient. Do lots of research and enjoy the journey! Kudos for wanting to embrace your curls!