Low porosity 3B hair. No split ends, but many taper off, look weak, especially mid-lock.

Many ends, especially mid-lock, which I miss when trimming locks, fade into nothingness. They may have been split a long, long time ago, but now many ends grow narrow, lose the curl pattern, look weak. I try to trim them as I find them but don't know what's wrong. Don't think I can get rid of them without chopping inches off – and that's not happening. 

1 Answer

Trimming is essential to maintaining healthy hair, especially when trying to retain length. There is no way to permanently repair split ends. How often you trim depends on the individual. Friction from clothing is one of the causes of split ends. Have you considered bunning your hair? It will not eliminate damaged ends (e.g. split ends/tapered ends), but it will help to reduce the rate at which they split after a trim.