Low Porosity,3b/3c curls and I can't find a regimen that seems to work for my hair

Hi guys! I have 3b/3c curls and low porosity hair, and for over a year now I've been trying everything to grow my hair back to mid back length after cutting it to shoulder length because of heat damage. If I do a wash and go, even though I put a satin bonnet on every night, my curls are completely dry and frizzy and not bouncy at all. So I spray water on my hair every day and comb it and add products so it wouldn't be so dry, but it seems that my hair just won't absorb anything to make it hydrated and I already see the damage of wetting it every day but i just don't know what to do to keep it moisturised.I also get a lot of product build up very fast but if I wash my hair with shampoo as soon as I washout out it feels like straw. Does any body have experience with the same problem, and what did you do about it? At this point I don't even want to know how much money I spent on hair products.. As soon as a product seems to work for me after a week it doesn't have the same effect anymore like my hair gets used to it. Could you recommend a routine that would help my hair get back on track for example "wash hair every week/4days, put oils before bed every day/once a week," what deep conditioner to use (i think I have protein sensitive hair it just makes it feel brittle too) Thank you so much in advance I really don't know what to do anymore 

1 Answer

I think I once had a similar problem that was actually caused by the products containing silicones that build up on your hair. DevaCurl has an amazing product that I used when I got my hair cut to wash out the build up. It was called Buildup Buster, and it works wonders. I suggest you try that and use it every few weeks to help get rid of that buildup that's messing with your hair. Also I wouldn't use a brush on your hair if you can avoid it. It breaks up your curls and causes frizz. Finger combing really does help. When you refresh your hair I would glide diluted out products through your dampened hair, and scrunch.  And, try to find products that don't have silicones. If any of the ingredients in a product have the suffix -cone. I would avoid it. I hope this helps!