how to maintain my Afro at night and how to stop my scalp from hurting?

i have short 4c hair which i like to style as an afro. However i don't know how to keep it stretched over night, as on the second day my afro shrinks. I have been trying to do big twists every night now but that's causing my scalp pain and i now have parts of my scalp which are now tender to touch. what shall i do?

1 Answer

Try giving your scalp and hair a break. I know you enjoy styling your hair as an afro but you can find other styles that you like that require less constant/daily manipulation to achieve. You could try doing neat twists a little smaller (or you can do the large ones depending on the look you prefer). Wear those twists for a few days and then enjoy your afro at the end of those 2-3 days. Accept that you may not be able to get second-day hair with that style, or accept wearing it a little differently the next day. With that in mind, are you using any water or water-based product to restyle your fro? Doing so will cause it to shrink. I don't recommend doing this all the time, but if you use a light oil that has some slip in it (grapeseed is a good choice or jojoba), instead of a water-based product, you should be able to experience less shrinkage.Another option is to do a puff, which will help stretch the hair some. Use a headband or big hair tie or silk scarf to push the hair back. You could wear that overnight and wear it as a style. Whatever style you do, don't pull the hair to tightly or and try not to comb (always use your fingers or a wide tooth comb--try not to pick out the roots with and afro pick which can easily cause scalp tenderness) and don't style or wash too often.For your sore scalp, try massaging for a few minutes with soothing essential oil blends like rosemary and lavender (you can google others that are good for healing and soothing skin). If you want to stick to wearing your afro every day, I strongly suggest using the essential oils to massage your scalp (daily at first till your scalp improves), and even if you re-twist your hair at night, do not use any water based products. Use a little bit of a light oil to make your hair easier to manipulate and don't twist too tightly. Don't use a comb when re-twisting. Use your fingers to part the hair and work through any tangles with the oil. Wear a satin cap to protect your hair and maybe seal out any humidity in the air while you sleep. In the morning you should not need any more oil, but if you do, use a little on your hands and fingers and restyle your fro with your fingers. Fluff, finger comb and finger style. Finger-styling is much more gentle on the scalp. For this routine to work you have to start with very well moisturized hair from wash day so that your hair doesn't dry out. You might try the LOC method if you haven't and if you need a more moisturizing routine to start with since you won't be adding water throughout the week or until you wash again. If you need to moisturize at all before washing, do so at night before re-twisting.I hope that helps!