Maintaining curl in summer heat?

I'm new here and not entirely sure I'm posting to the right place--correct me if I'm wrong! Okay, down to business. My color treated 2c/3a, low porosity, medium density hair is usually my best feature, but during the hot summer (especially the hot and *dry* summer) it just fizzles out. I'm left with patchy, weird, and often too-dry loose waves which don't, in my opinion, suit me at all. Is it an issue with my products, my routine, or what? I'm only semi-CG, is that an issue? Is there any product recommendations that anyone has? Thank you!

1 Answer

If your summers are dry where you are, maybe trying full-on CG for a while just to see what would happen may be worthwhile. If not, another option may be to try adding in deep treatments more frequently. If all else fails, there's nothing wrong with rocking a protective style now and then! I've had my curls put away every day this week but plan to let them out to play tomorrow :) Good luck!