Maintenance and hair type?

Can someone kindly tell me what hair texture this is please ??My hair suffered from heat damage ( heat trained) and its grown out I am slowly trimming it away each time i visit my hair dresser(monthly). I need help with maintaining my curls and activating them , can someone help me find the right products to treat it and care for it please?Thank youuuxx

1 Answer

Well, if your un-heat-trained hair does not clump together on its own to form curls then there really isn't a product that can "activate" them.I know that sometimes curls "hang" differently after a trims/chops so it may be that you have to wait until after all of the heat trained/damaged hair has been removed before seeing your "original" curl pattern. As far as products go- Kinky-Curly products are great for almost all patterns. I personally have been enjoying Cantu Curl Activator moistruzer. It doesn't really "define" as much as it makes them "pop". After using the product, I do not have nail-size curls popping all over, but my ends always have "S"s and "O"s.I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to hear but I hope this helps!