How to make my hair look better?

When I was younger, my hair was super straight. I'm the past year or two, it has become very curly. It is also super thick. I like my hair, but I have a few problems with it. First of all, my hair is wavy/curly on the bottom with lots of volume but flat on top. Second, it is super frizzy. Third, all my curls are underneath and the top is kind of flat. I attached pictures of my hair after letting it air dry. My usual hair routine is washing my hair every 3 days or so. I shampoo it with herbal essence shampoo and use some kind of moisturizing conditioner. I usually put my hair up in a towel and then take it down and let it air dry. If I sleep on it wet, it's super frizzy in the morning. Also when I brush it after it's dry it gets really big and frizzy. I know absolutely nothing about how to care for wavy/curly hair. What is some advice for how to enhance my curly hair and make it just look better in general? Thanks!

2 Answers

Here's a few more pictures of my hair
Get the curly girl book, will help you a lot.First of all start with a sulfate free shampoo and good conditioner, stop brushing or combing and only comb your hair if necessary in the shower with conditioner on. Switch from the towel to a cotton tshirt or microfiber towel. Secondly you will need a haircut, a layered one will help bring your waves and curls.Lastly, styling products you may want to start with a curling cream or a gel.As you are transitioning from straight to curly it will take some time for your hair to adjust to it's new pattern and for you to learn how to treat it. I don't know when my hair started to change but I did it no good by forcing it to be straight, once I accepted the fact it was wavy/curly it took me 2 years to have a hold of it and for it to be fully curly and not mixed texture, of course I wasn't and it was all a trial and error by myself without anyone to advise me. However, you have the curly girl method and this site to help you embrace your hair, so I hope it is a smooth and satisfaying transition. Good luck