Male, with a few questions.

Hi Ladies,I was wondering if you could help me out on a few questions regarding my 2c/3a hair.*When I do the CG routine then add the gel, once it dries and I get the scrunch out, my hair does not feel lovely and soft - is this normal?*How can I make my hair look a bit more shiner without it being greasy or weighed down. Even sealing with sweet almond oil seems to do this. *My hair is currently only 4 inches long but I am going to grow it to about 7/8 inches in the same sort of style as Adrian Grenier, being this short at 4 inches, should I wash it every day and not bother with second hair day? Thanks,GH

1 Answer

I cannot use oil. It sits on top of my low porosity hair so I know what you are saying. Some ingredients like Polyquaternium can make hair feel rough or stiff. I found that LA Looks Sports Gel does not make my hair feel like this. It dries crunchy but then softens after scrunching. However, I also think the hold isn't as good without the Polyquats (as they are sometimes called in the CG community). You may experiment with few of them in the ingredients, or lower on the list. It could also be a protein that is making it feel rougher. I would play with some other products and skip the oil if you can. Maybe a mousse would feel better. I am guessing you might be British so I can't really recommend products since they won't be the same as here in the states. Best!