Methods or products to restore natural curls after serious damage that has made curls waves?

after years of extensive bleaching and dying my hair, my 3A/B curls have become moderate waves that frizz up and I want to know if there are routines/products/methods that I can use to try to recreate my natural curls, but I do intend on resting my hair so preferably something that maintain both please and thanks :)

2 Answers

Lots of hydrating oils and butters. No heat or chemicals. Patience. 
stay away from shampoos that contain sulfate. I find my hair color lasts longer this way. Try not to "wash" your hair every day. Try to use just a conditioner in between washes. Also, when my hair feels a little dry - I don't rinse 100% of the conditioner out. You'll start to figure out what works for you. If you have time - go to YouTube and watch some of Waterlily716. She's great!