Mixed Race... Dont Know Anything?

So I'm 16 years old and mixed race ( Half white, Quarter black, quarter Asian-viet, and chinese). I was raised by my mom who is fully white and just has straight hair so she never really taught me and I never learned. My hair is ridiculously thick, frizzy, curly in some parts wavy in others and pretty much unmanageable. I break brushes on the daily, and im pretty much restricted to just wearing buns. I have no clue about hair types or anything. Does anyone have any tips for my hair or any websites with more information?

1 Answer

Hi! One tip I can offer you is that brushing or combing curly hair when dry isn't always best because it can create a lot of frizz. Sometimes you can try detangling with your fingers when comditioning your hair and that can prevent you from having a lot of breakage. I have different textures/curl patterns as well and I try to add more hair product in the sections that are more frizzy. You can also try finger coiling some sections of your hair so that it matches the surrounding sections (I've seen plenty of youtubers do this). I would also suggest going on YouTube to find people with a similar hair texture and curl pattern as you because seeing how they style their hair and what routines they do during the week can help a lot!