Mixing Shea Moisture Products

Hi, I recently started using some Shea Moisture products again since I just chopped off about 4 (ish) inches off my hair to get rid of split ends and have an all around even hair shape. I was doing the quiff for a few years (long on top and shaved back and sides) but then decided to grow it out and it always looked completely awkward because the sides and back never flowed together. Well, I'm starting fresh now with about 2 inches all over. Sorry about my life story :p, anyways, I did tons of research and looked up probably 500 million reviews on 700 million products and finally bought the SM curl and shine shampoo (that I use very rarely), the SM curl and style milk, and SM curl smoothie. I like them and they seem to be making my hair very soft and the (short) curls defined which is a miracle in itself, but I wanted a masque and official leave in product (I know the style milk can be used as a leave in conditioner but felt an official leave in would be good too) so I also got the SM Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment Masque, and the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner. But my question is, for the LOC method, can I mix the curl and style milk and the jamaican black oil leave in conditioner together to use as the "L" Would those two products work OK together? I also bought the super fruit 10in1 masque because it got amazing reviews :3 P.S. I am not sure exactly which curl type I have, I think it would either be 2C/3A  It's not long enough to tell really  Thank you! 

1 Answer

I think it would be fine. When it comes to combining products, it's more about the ingredients than the brand itself. However, a lot of brands do encourage buying an entire line; they make the products in the line play well with each other but not outside of this line.Due to that, something I always do when I have two products that are new (and don't know if theyll work well together), I'll take a small bit (about a dime size of each) and just rub them together in my hands. If they mix clear and evenly, theyll work well. But if they create white balls/white goo/or a funny looking cast on your hands, you probably shouldn't combine them. So try that instead of having to wash your hair all over again! (Has happened to me countless times lol)Good Luck!