Can You Ever Have Too Much Moisture For Your Hair?

I Want My Beautiful Curls To Grow But I Want To Know How Often Should I Moisturize ?  Because I Dont Want My Hair To Be Greasy. Is My Hair 3c?

1 Answer

You can have too much moisture - hygral fatigue. It's usually from a lack of protein/ too much moisture and may result in limp, gummy-feeling curls. Greasy hair seems like more of result of product buildup, which usually seems more like product buildup than too much moisture. To determine if it's probably buildup, find out your porosity and strand thickness and check out the products you're using.It seems like it my be 3c or a 3c/4a mix to me. If the curls are not the size of a pen/pencil, you may just be a silky-textured 4a.