moisture retention and breakage prevention for type 3 hair

I think my hair is somewhere in the type 3 range (not really sure???), my question is that I did the big chop last August and am nearing my one year mark. My hair is in the awkward stage and has been growing really well, however, I do have a huge problem finding the right ways to moisturise my hair and now it has started breaking. I live in South Africa and unfortunately we don't find the same products on our shelves as you may have. What natural ingredients can I use to make my hair stronger and keep it moisturised for longer? Its Winter in S.A now and sadly Coconut oil isn't really helping at this stage. I have tried the Dr Miracles Daily Moisturizing lotion as well as the Daily Anti-breakage Strengthening Creme but they tend to make my hair hard and crispy. I pre-poo my hair with olive oil, honey and coconut oil, detangle with a wide-tooth comb as well as finger detangle and use Tresemme naturals shampoo and conditioners. I deep condition weekly or bi-weekly and I use absolutely NO heat and NO brushes! I would really appreciate a response because it would be terrible if I had to cut my hair again.

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