my mom is getting a bald spot and I was wondering if she could get it from glue-ins or balding.

this bald spot has been in various development for a few years. When we first started seeing a new stylist things were okay, but then my hair started falling out so I stopped going. My mother continued to go, even though her hair suffered, because she was close by. Now the stylist moved out of town and I suggested she try a few new people I had found through work, I had a list for  several people, but she chose one and has stuck with her. Today I help her take the glue out (as gently as possible since her hair is really fragile) and the bald spot in much bigger. the cap that the hair was glued on had a bunch of hair on the front and I showed it to her, but she didn't seem too concerned. But then when she looked in the mirror she screamed and feels really horrible. My mom is already embarrassed by her hair, and got the glue-ins because she was told by the now two stylists that it would cover up her bald spot. But I am looking for ways to make the hair grow back. Please help, she's miserable.

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