Over a month a lot of hair fallout HELP!

My hair has been falling out, I haven't straightened it, relaxed it, or ever colored it. Given I have thick hair but still I wake up with hair All over and when I brush I make a small tumble weed of hair. My mom said don't worry about it but still it's a obsessive amount coming out at one time.

2 Answers

everyone sheds hair , but if you honestly think you are losing too much hair , I would first schedule an appointment with a doctor, just incase something is seriously wrong , and then get an appointment with a trusted salon ,to get their opinion and to see if they can do anything .I honestly do not think anything is wrong with your hair , but it is better to be safe then sorry .
I have the same hair (3b) and I lose a decent amount of hair each day, nothing crazy! When I shower I end up with a comb full of hair. Usually I lose more bulk than stands of hair. I've been told it is nothing out of the ordinary by my hair dresser and mom. I feel your pain, some times it can be nerve raking (the amount of hair lost).