Moving from Arizona to Massachusetts. What changes should I expect to see?

I have 2c/3a curly hair, and have live in the dry desert of AZ my whole life. I'm making a move to Massachusetts soon, and am eager to see how my hair will react to the climate change. Any curly girls out there who can offer some insight? Any tips for styling? 

3 Answers

Well, my friend, you are in for a lot more humidity!  I don't know how your hair reacts to that, but it is humid here in summer and dryer and cold in the winter.  I have 2C hair, and have to moisturize a lot in winter, but still lose a lot of curl and volume.  In the summer, I get a lot of curl, need less product, and my hairs loves it.  BTW, welcome to New England.  P.S.  You have gorgeous curls.
Thank you! I'm very curious to see how much curlier my hair gets with all that moisture in the air. That's definitely not something we have out here. 
lots of humidity but less heat