My damaged curl

Hi, my hair is curly and it's damaged.. About 5 years ago my hair was thick and healthy curly it was long but then u started straightening it and it got really damaged and I cut it many times and it never grew back I straighten it almost twice a week and it's really thin and damaged in dying to get my long thick hair back I just don't know what to do I searched online and found this really good website and though if u guys have any good product recommendation 

1 Answer

You need to stop using heat on your hair, that is probably why your hair is thinning and is damaged. Secondly are you deep conditioning your hair? If not, start straight away, honey and coconut oil is great for damaged hair, the honey gives moisture and the oil gives protein. Also what kind of products do you use, it is best to avoid sulfates, parabens as they are drying to the hair. Invest in a sulfate free shampoo and a paraben free conditioner.A good leave in conditioner would be good to provide moisture  and curl definition. If you describe your curl type it would easier to give you some product recommendations. Also in the mean time to give your hair some curl definition you could try some natural styles,such as using bendy rollers, Bantu knots, twist outs. All the information on how to do this is on you tube. Hope this helps :)