My hair is broken around the edges, sides, and back. What can I do to grow it back ? Also what

kind of hairstyles can I do ?

3 Answers

- Avocado and mayo deep conditioner for 15-30 mins every day or two days- Olive oil for 30 mins - Guar butter (Dr. Oz explained, go to his website)Try searching in the recipes section here :)My edges used to be that way, but I started washing every day. Not so much shampoo every day cause that damages roots, but did dedicate 10 mins for conditioners. My routine was:ShampooConditionerDeep conditioner treatment (as a leave in, now I wash it)After deep conditioning, I now use a defining curls cream leave in conditioner.I use a brand named Biotanik, I was like fairy dust on my hair. I don't if they sell it in North America, but if you do know where to get this brand, take the ChocoCare line (ChocoKoco treatment).Good Luck!
Braiding, a bun, a pony tail with small elastics (or without them), a scarf, beanie. Almost anything that works on curls and always loose, pressure won't do any good to your hair. Personally, I'd go for ponytails but experimenting with it. ;) 
Whatever styles you do, do them loosely so you're not tugging your hair back tightly. That's what causes the breakage.