My hair is fine and when I do it my strands tend to pop (break off) what should I do?

I'm 4a, and when I detangle my hair, my strands break sometimes, and it's so annoying. I've been doing protein treatments too.. And should I also cut my ends? Since my strands have been popping?

3 Answers

try finger detangling with conditioner
I agree with curly_mamacita. Finger detangle! I thought people were CRAZY when they said they could finger detangle Type 4 hair, but I tried it and it really has made such a big difference. No more popping! Combs, no matter how much conditioner I used, really did just rip through my hair. I made a video a long time ago about finger detangling >> consider myself to have mostly 4b hair, so if you absolutely need someone with exactly your curl pattern to learn from try NaturallyCurious on Youtube. I love her >> was just on NC's list of Youtuber's to watch in 2014 her i sent you! ;) 
A fresh trim will leave anyone’s hair feeling amazing but try the following steps prior to reaching for the scissors: -Fingerdetangle -Detangle in smaller section -Detangle on damp, not wet hair Another thing to note is that if your hair is kinky (strands that have torsions) it is more prone to breakage than textures that are not. And of course, slow and steady is best. Being tired or irritated could cause you to become impatient with your hair and cause breakage. If all else fails, trim it is!