My hair is really dry and i dont know what to do i have 2b type of hair

2 Answers

You need to find the cause: shampooing too frequently, utilizing the wrong shampoo/conditioner, too much thermal styling, your scalp not producing enough oils to nourish your hair, showering with hard water, the list goes on....figure out the cause first, then go from there. 
When you have dry hair you have to use sulfate and alcohol free shampoos so it doesn’t strip the moisture off your hair and dry it out even more. The best ones that I’ve used are from Pro Naturals Hair Repair System. Their shampoos are made with high concentrations of argan oil and are free of sulfate and silicone. You can order their hair products online. BTW, do you curl or straighten your hair with an iron frequently? If you do, you also need a heat protectant. Their argan oil serum's godsend. I use them before I curl or straighten my hair:)