my hair is so dry and always!

My hair has been abnormally dry and splitting for the last couple years. I have a mixture of 2a, 2b, and 2c, mostly b but there are some ringlets and some waves in there. Its always been susceptible to frizz. I will get a haircut and weeks later notice crazy split ends, like ones inches up, along with ones at the bottom (sometimes splitting three or four ways!) I started cutting my own hair a while ago and have used new sharp scissors etc, as well as getting a proffesional trim or two in the past two years. I use natural shampoo and conditioner, little product, rare straightening or blow drying. Last year I tried out baking soda and apple cider vinegar as shampoo/ made my hair cooperate wonderfully but could baking soda be a part of the dry problem? Also, I only wash my hair every 3 days, for a while it was up to once a week.Any insight would be wonderful. Sorry if this is scattered or confusing...writing from my phone :)

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How often do deep condition?  It could be that your hair lacks protein. If you're getting a trim and preventing build up by shampooing it might be as simple as deep conditioning twice a week or doing a protein mask. Unfortunately with curly hair dryness you might have to run through some trial and error.
Have you tried applying an oil just to your ends? That could help seal them. You could also try wearing your hair in protective styles, which tuck the ends away (like a loose bun, twists or braids) so that the ends are not exposed to the elements. Usually women with a tighter curl pattern wear protective styles but if you're having issues with split ends then that might be a good option for you!
DEEP CONDITIONING as was said - seriously I live by Scientific Essentials and Vixano (I think thats the spelling) in the winters especially and all yr as it protect and builds my hair up.I would do it couple times a week. I have mixed hair and as curl get long have that problem
thanks all for the answers! I do deep condition, i feel like I've tried everything that should help but it doesn't. Right now i'm trying to condition on days I don't shampoo (usually just shampoo and condition twice a week, now washing twice a week but conditioning almost daily) but that is seeming to just make it heavy. hmph. thanks for the help and insight though!!