My hair is straight in the front and curlier in the back. how do I get the front curly again?

4 Answers

I'm going through the same exact thing and I have 3b/3c hair. A portion of the front of my hair (3b) is straight. The rest of my hair is curly.
I was going thru the same thing and it was due to heat damage. I did the aphogee two-step protein treatment and my hair got a little wavy the first time and then I did it 8 weeks later and its more curly now not like before but way better. Now do your research the treatment before you try it. Its a hard protein treatment that if you don't need protein it can harm your hair.
lots of hydration and tlc
I'm thinking about doing a little protein treatment such as Aubrey Organics Glycogen Balancing Protein Conditioner since it's just the front of my hair. I will do my research before I decide to do it. How often should I do a protein treatment?