My natural curls are falling flat and nothing I try seems to help.

Hi, within the past year I've noticed my natural curls aren't as tight as they used to be  and my hair is dry feeling and poofy. As soon as my hair is completely dry my curls start to fall flat. I'm not sure what hair type I have but I do know my hair is very thin from years of dying it and using heat constantly (something I've been trying to stop doing) The  hair around the nape of my neck is practically pin straight now too. I cut my hair extremely short a few years ago and about a year ago I decided to start growing it out. When it finally got to the point where I could wear it curly again I had to use products and a diffuser to get my curls looking defined and not like a big poofy mess. It looked really nice for a while but still not as curly as it used to. Now that my hair is shoulder length I can't seem to get my curls to stay in or even look nice. I'll add some pictures from how it looked when I first started wearing it curly again after it was cut short, and some from how it looks now just air dried. I would greatly appreciate any kind of advice or help I can get. Thank you!

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