How to get my natural curls back, it won't curl even after clipping inches off

Hello I'm new to this site.Allow me to explain,I'm a male with natural curls.I stopped straightening my about 2 months ago.I had hair past my shoulders and wanted to be natural for once.I noticed parts of the sides of my hair were flat including some in the back.I figured they were dead/split ends.So I got a haircut last week and still some of it was flat.I recently chopped a lot of it off today by myself with decent shears kinda better but not really,I've noticed that the roots started to curl and wave up but not by much.Will I get my curls back.I know there's no real way of restoring besides cutting off more.It looks like I have a mullet now.LOL.But in all seriousness is there a solution

1 Answer

you probably have heat damage. try the CGM to help restore moisture in your hair. also deep conditioning your hair once every week would do some good. if you dont know what the CGM is its basically washing your hair with conditiner ( a silicone free one). to get more info on that you could look it up on this site or on google. i hoped this helped a bit