what naturally products can i use to make my hair thicker? my roots are thicker than the rest ..

my roots are thick and wavey but the rest is a lil thinner and not as thick so how can i get my whole head to be thick ? i dont flat iron my hair as much so i dont think that's the problem. .

1 Answer

There are some people that are so sensitive to heat that ANY amount of heat can shock your hair and cause it to break, thin, or stretch.  This might be you, especially if you have fine strands. Otherwise, you may have experienced a hormonal change that has effected your hair, like stress for example.  There is nothing you can do for the hair that is already thinned.  You can treat the existing hair with strengthening treatments to help it last as long as it can, but for the texture to be different than the new growth, indicates that something has impacted your hair.  So, asses your stress levels, and any other hormonal altering things you might have going on like a change in birth control.  Have you been taking hair vitamins?  You may take some to ensure that thick hair continues to grow, and you could start regularly trimming the ends to speed up the process of getting rid of the finer textured hair ( if you are ready for that type of change.)  One word of caution: If you are going to use vitamins, be faithful to them.  To abruptly stop taking vitamins can impact the strength of new hair growth.  So be consistent and when you are ready to stop, wean yourself off of them slowly.  The good news is that you have thick hair growing from the root!  That is a victory that many people cannot claim.  Enjoy it!