Is it necessary to have a conditioner, leave in AND deep conditioner?

I'm currently attempting to make a hair regimen for the next 4 months and looked at a few of other people's regimen. Some people use conditioners, leave ins AND deep conditioners. I was wondering, are these products all necessary for a healthy hair growth journey?

3 Answers

For me, yep! But you don't have to buy 3 different products. If you have a conditioner that you LOVE you can make it all three products by adding different ingredients you might already have on hand in your kitchen. You should put them in separate containers too. For a deep conditioner, you can add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to the conditioner. Leave it on a for 10-15 minutes under a heat cap. For a leave in,  just add 2 parts water 1 part conditioner and put that in a spray bottle. See how that works for you. I will say you need a good conditioner. Splurge if necessary here. Try to get away from the ones with a ton of silicones. I love silicones because they are great for detangling and smoothing but in the long run they just dry out your hair and cause build up. Go for SheaMoisture, Aphogee, Eden, Elucence, there are so many natural brands out there. 
Thank youu so much x I think i'll buy a deep conditioner and a leave in since deep conditioning is better for curly hair xx 
They are formulated in different ways for their unique purposes, for example if you leave a rinse-out conditioner in your hair you may experience buildup over time. That being said, Nikki's tips are awesome and you can definitely stretch your dollar if you cocktail or just leave your daily conditioner on longer once a week.