need advice for my 3 year olds hair

Back ground info. My mother is mixed black and white. because if this i have 3b hair myself. Now my daughters father is also mixed black and white and has very course hair... the mix made her hair between 3b and 4a type hair. She has beautiful tight curls when managed properly, but if not ends up looking like sideshow bob from the Simpsons. I am just learning to do her hair (as well as mine). She is still very tender headed, and i'm trying to make her hair care easier on her. I was gonna do a relaxer in here hair but i think she may still be to young even though i know others who do it in there children hair.... she is also having a hard time growing hair on the top sides. I bought her some Transition Natural Jamaican MAngo &Lime hair growth creme and been using it at night. Other products i use in her hair are BB Oil Moisturizer, Twistedsista curl activator, Olive Oil Edge Control, and Dr. Miracles restoratives. I'm not a great hair stylist because my mother wasn't and i'm trying to make the difference for my daughter, because I hated my hair growing up because it was so unmanageable i want her to embrace and love hers, so any advice , tips or tricks would be great! **This is the most unmanaged picture i have of her hair. Though this isn't half as bed as her hair gets. This was brushed out previously.  When u pull out one of the curls it is past shoulder length... that's how tight her curls are.

3 Answers

Your daughter is beautiful and I'm so glad you're teaching her to LOVE and EMBRACE her naturally curly hair! You might find something helpful in these articles:
I have mixed hair the same as you, and my daughter just has my curls. I use the CG method on my daughter and she is now 7. I have been doing this method on her hair for a few years and we can manage her hair so much better now.We use a sulfate free poo when needed and co wash the rest of the time. I make sure to deep treatments on her hair twice a week to keep her curls moisturizer. We use a leave in and gel and let her hair air dry before crunching out the crunch and styling. Have you tried Kinky curly products or shea moisture? I tried Jessicurl for her and I and it did not work well for our hair. I use hair growth oils as well to help her hair grow out, it took years for it to get longer. I also dry trim her split ends when neeeded. My daughters hair was the length of your daughters when she was 5 so it will come it just takes time.
She is adorable and I love her curls! Just For Me and the Shea Moisture Kids lines are both great hair lines for kids! Here is a link to some Just For Me videos that NaturallyCurly has that should be helpful: