Need help on shampoo and condtioner

okay so I have 3a type hair, sometimes I get a few straight random pieces. Is that normal? Anyways, my hair is.... Weird. Some days it's perfect some days it's just not. I have been trying and exploring things for years. I try to no poo method it doesn't work for me- my head always feels gross. I like shampoo and conditioning every day. My hair doesn't feel right unless I get all the suds from shampoo which I don't get with my sulfate free shampoo. Also, do I have to use curly hair specific shampoo and conditioner or can I use moisture specific? And what kind of product for styling so you guys recommend. And we can't go too expensive, I'm a broke college student. I already do the no brushing, using a tshirt instead of a towel ya da ya da. I need good shampoo and conditioner and I need to know how to style it right after the shower. Oh and also I have curls that go straight in the shower they don't stay curly, and when I get out it looks blah wavy until it's completely dry then it goes POOF curls. So please please help I'm begging. There are some pictures attached one of which has the straight piece. (Don't mind the weird Mountain Dew pic).  

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