Need serious hair help, confused!

I've been trying to figure out my hair properties, but my porosity is really confusing to me. My hair is 3b curls, I think. I have a medium texture, normal elasticity, and a medium/thick density. I thought my hair was low porosity, but I'm not sure. In the shower, my hair doesn't take long to get wet at all. When I air dry my hair without product, it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes for it to completely dry. I did the strand test and my hair floats, but after about an hour or so some parts of the hair sank like a half an inch below the water. When I ran my finger up a strand, it squeaked. I sprayed some water on my hair, tiny beads formed, but as soon as I ran my hand over it, it made my hair damp. I tried co washing with suave naturals coconut and then used herbal essences totally twisted gel for about a month, but I think my hair got over moisturized. Right now, I'm using the tresemme naturals shampoo and conditioner and the same gel, but I want something better. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks :)

1 Answer

A really good protective conditioner and sulfate free shampoo is Scientific Essentials, worth a try and I live by it during the winter especially when hair is drier and more prone to being hard to manage. My roommate is a 3 and she switched to it with success and hair looks very healthy. Its all over my but check it online as they ship free I think and my salon who does ethnic and mixed hair swear by it.