New short hair cut 4a/3c. Need help developing a good hair routine

Hair type: 3c/4a, high density, coarse, medium to high porosity I recently cut off my hair (NOT THE BIG CHOP). I had long natural hair (elbow length when straightened) but I'm moving and wanted a change so I donated my hair and got the rest cut into a tapered style. My new hairstyle is very similar to this photo: I got a Deva cut and love it but do not like their products. The Deva curl gel makes my hair feel crispy, heavy and dry though it defines my curls well. I need help developing a new routine for my hair. I find that the really short hairs at the back of my head and on the side frizz up terribly and lose their curl entirely. I have very dark black hair. 1.Any product recs? I want the hold and definition of Deva curl gel without the heavy, sticky product feeling. I would also like to keep the curls in the back of my head defined. I have had long hair my entire life so I literally don't know what to do!2.How do I keep my hair soft and curly without needing to constantly wash it!? I would prefer to only wash my hair once per week. 

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