Very new to this site and looking for guidance/advice/tips/etc?

Hey there!So I just discovered this site and I'm pretty excited. I've recently started embracing my curly hair, and actually want to find ways to get more defined curls. I used to have very curly hair, but straightened my hair for about 6 years. Then chopped it into a pixie cut, yet continued to straighten it until it was shoulder length...Currently my hair type is undetermined. Depending on product, the day, etc. it is anywhere from 2B-3A. I would love to have hair that is coiled-curly. But I guess it just depends on learning which works best for my hair.So I guess my question is where do I go from here? Do I need to "detox" my hair? Should I not be using products? How do I get the most out of my curly hair?

1 Answer

First use a clarifying sulfate shampoo to get rid of the silicones , and then detox to get rid of any products , then quit sulfate / silicone shampoos and start the no poo method with just using co wash or sulfate free shampoos and apple cider vinegar, there's tonss of info out there for you , and i recommend detoxing every 2 weeks especially if you have low porosity , and use products that is also silicone and sulfate free and do a protein treatment once a month it's really important or you'll end up with over moisturised hair and more importantly do whatever suits YOUR hair , you know your hair more than anyone so just listen to it