Is it normal for your hair to turn back to black after bleaching??!?!

I have 3b to maybe sometimes c hair I'm of Somali descent so most of my family have type 1 to 2 hair so they're hair is softer and straighter than mine and they can't help me but I've decided to grow my hair this year and not abuse my curly hair with dying and bleach but I have bleached my hair 3x in one month before this year started and my hair tuned ombré honey colour before I dyed it pink(I know I did a lot to my hair) and I was okay with my hair but I went back to black, every time I bleach my hair it turns back to black,it's also really hard to bleach my hair because it's jet black and takes along time. Is this normal, I thought bleaching your hair was irreversible and I do not want to bleach my hair once again.

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