Are OGX organ oil hair products good for natural 4C hair

I have moved around from product to product and now I'm going to try the OGX organ oil products but I was wondering if they are good on natural hair. The shea butter products leave my hair dry and there is no difference in the texture. Although my hair is braided 90% of the time because I'm a swim instructor and I try to minimize chlorine damage, I always leave it out for a week or two and try to do a wash and go. So any help or review on the OGX products would be very helpful. I've read some positive ones that it actually works and helps with hair growth but I just wanted to be sure before I go out to buy them.Thank You.

1 Answer

I really like OGX new Morrocan oil In shower oil  (from Ulta or walgreens) It conatins silk aminos too. I also like The old style OGX argan penetrating oil. But if you have fine hair you might need to go with the OGX argan oil hair mist or the Ogx Thick and full Biotin oil. All work similarly, the mists are lighter.'  I coul not use the Ogx shea/argan it was too heavy for me..also, I really like Garnier Sleek and shine serum with aran oil and their new Garnier Morroco Ol treatment too. Hope this helps.