where oh where do I start?!

I have been natural for a year and some months now, (wish I knew the exact date of my bgchop like most of you but my memory isn't what it used to be lol) but I haven't been making a serious effort to taking care of my hair like I should. I wasnt aware that it would be so much work in the beginning. I honestly just thought I would be able to wet my hair throw on some gel and be out the door. Then I discovered my hair is 4c hair, one of the most difficult to maintain. I have experimented with some products here and there but the only line I was satisfied with was Mizani True Textures (very expensive). Other than that, I haven't a clue what im doing. Yes i've tried watching youtube videos until they are always using different products than what I have at that moment or until they begin to use lingo I don't understand. So all i wear my hair in as far as styling is the traditional bush, high puff, or high bun. (Boring i know) Someone please help me kick off my journey. I'd like to know how exactly often I should co-wash, deep-condition, detangle, my hair etc. (Braiding/twisting skills look like an infant did them smh) 

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You have beautiful hair, thank you for sending pics.  I do not think 4 C is the hardest to manage.  This hair type holds the BEST styles out of any of the Type 3 curly types and those curls take a lot more maintenance.  The benefit to your hair is that it holds a style, it does not coil around itself and knot up and it looks great in a fro.Here is a sample regiment.  Follow it and then see how you would like to tweak it. -Cleanse once a week or every 2 weeks- Condition immediately after cleansing.  Look for words like moisturizing.- Style with a leave in conditioner before anything else.  Then use a heavy curl or twist cream based on what style you use.I think it is best for you to wear your hair in twists most of the time.  Untwist your hair for special occasion twist outs.I know you can do this.
Every curl type has its challenges and will curl and coil back on itself because its curly and coily, no matter how small the curl or coil! :) That's what it does :) That being said, its important, while cleansing your hair, to do it in sections that you separate and keep out of the way by braiding, twisting or with clips/hairbands when you are not handling that section. Four or more sections should be enough. This will keep your hair from tangling as you cleanse and then add conditioner in the shower, let it sit a minute while you finish your showering then detangle with fingers or wide tooth comb and rinse under the water still combing through. You could cleanse and detangle once a week or once every two weeks. Add a water-based moisturizer while your hair is still damp. I like Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk. Seal the moisture in with your choice of oil or butter (shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil...)I would recommend just practicing braiding or twisting or flat twisting. Pick one that seems the easiest and do it all the time. For me it took practice and I still don't have the best skills but I can braid or twist as a means of stretching my hair a bit or as part of a style. You could put your hair in chunky (big) twists or braids (don't have to be perfect) and then use those as a basis for updos or buns like you are already doing. Its okay not to do a whole host of different styles, but updos will allow you to be creative and come up with your own styles that are easy for you to do. Keeping your hair in twists in a bun or updo where the ends of your hair are tucked in will help your hair retain moisture and length. If you don't need to take down the bun/updo every night (meaning its not too tight or uncomfortably full of bobby pins) you can literally keep your hair in that style for a week and just take down (just the bun, not the twists) bi-weekly or weekly to re-moisturize with your leave in conditioner/moisturizer if your hair needs it. If you have problems with your hair getting really dry, you can deep condition every time you wash/cowash or at least every other time. You could use your favorite conditioner and add olive oil or just use olive oil and honey or add both to your conditioner for a deep conditioner. If your hair is still really dry, try changing your cleanser or co-wash or conditioner. If you only co-wash, it would be good to use a sulfate free cleanser like Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo once a month at least to clarify hair and scalp (especially if you like using conditioners with non-water soluable silicones: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-ha...)Comment here if you have any questions. I really hope that helps!