What are Oil treatment basics (dry/damp air, clean/dirty hair...)

Hi everyone,I have just started my journey to natural hair and I am confuse with how to do oil treatment. I am luckily just back from a trip to Morocco and have different handmade oil (Argan, avocado, castor, wheat germ and lavender); however I am confuse on how to do it. - dry or damp hair?- before or after shampoo- biggest question which quantity ? Sites say from 2 to 10 tablespoons some video use like 250ml

1 Answer

You are so lucky to have all of those fresh ingredients for your hair! It's going to take some playing around to find the right formula for your hair. Everyone is different and will have different needs for their hair.  So here are a few tips1. you can start out by mixing a few of the oils equally then apply it to your hair and scalp before you shampoo(pre poo). Pre Pooing hair protects it from the shampoo process that may strip hair of its natural oils2. you can use it as a hot oil treatment. Shampoo your hair and rinse. Then apply your  Oils to your damp hair cover with a conditioning cap and sit under a dryer or without a cap under a steamer3.mix your precious oils in with your conditioner or masque and sit under a hair dryer or steamer4.after shampooing apply oils directly to the scalp and apply conditioning treatment on the ends5.  you can add oils to your styling products when twisting or braiding6. lastly you can apply directly to the scalp 2-3 times per week for added moistureLike I mentioned you will have to play around with measurements. I suggest you mix and apply oils from a color applicator bottle. Start out with a minimal amount.