Oily hair. help?

I have naturally oily hair and, what could be, beautiful 2b curls. I have had oily hair my while life and have done sulfate/silicone free washing for about 6 months. My hair is still oily and I feel like it's worse. Because of the length (short) if I brush it, it looks a little better but not much. But I don't want to brush it and break up my curls. What should I do?As of right now I use Shea moisture shampoo and conditioner and rarely use styling product but if I do it's also Shea. I'm also not able to spend a whole lot on products. Any specific products I should use, maybe?

1 Answer

That's a tough one. As a curly girl, the rule is generally always to avoid sulfates that suck moisture from your hair, but it sounds like you might actually want to keep just a little in your regimen.But even before that, how much product do you use? It might just be that you need a smaller amount as opposed to a completely new product. Try that first, since you've stated that buying a new slew of products isn't going to work. Hopefully you find a method/product that works!