Is it ok to wash my hair every other day with type 3c hair

3 Answers

That I completely up to you. I know that 4c hair has trouble retaining moisture, so I you do be sure to condition properly. also, pay attention to your hair. If It gets thin, fragile, and dry, then slow down on the washing or try a co-wash.
Are you working out a lot? How come you want to wash it that often? I workout a lot, so I co-wash twice a week . If you are using regular shampoo it likely has SLS which will certainly dry your hair out and make it fragile and brittle, so.... I would not recommend this. 3c hair needs moisture and washing it every other day is likely to strip that option away. If you do... make sure you DEEP Condition and leave that sucker on for like 15-20 mins. Let me know... GOOD LUCK! :)
I completely agree with AlbanyDale! I'm type 3C & shampoo 6 days per week. My hair has never been healthier, but I keep a close eye on it. On the odd day when it's feeling a little dry, I skip the shampoo & just condition. I also only detangle (very gently!) when I condition & I do not use any heat, gel, or hairsprays to style. Instead, I switch up between coconut oil & leave-in conditioner to style. I really believe the right products & gentle styling techniques can make all the difference when it comes having healthy hair. You can wash only twice a month & still be ruining your hair if you're using drying products, pulling at tangles, or iron/blow drying frequently.