how often is it ok to wet your hair ,not wash but wet

I learned curly hair is the driest of all the hair types .i tend to moisturize my hair when ever I have the hair is thick and its easier to moisturize my hair when its damp or wet but my mother who has relaxed/permed damaged hair tells me to stop wetting it because with my type of hair wetting it would make it thin and fragile.i haven't listened to her on the topic before but now I'm starting to question if she's right help me plz I dont want to damage my hair any further than I already hsve

4 Answers

You're right in saying curly hair is the driest hair type. I grew up with my mom telling me that even if you're not washing your hair, getting it wet is still drying your hair out. You should never wash your hair too often (once every other day might be pushing it) but I still think wetting your hair very often can damage it. If I were you, I would moisturize your hair on the days you wash your hair... Just make sure you're not wetting your hair very often. I don't know if wetting your hair so much will make it thin and fragile, but something I've learned from past experience is to always... ALWAYS listen to mom.
I'd take it a step further and say only moisturize when needed. You may also need something stronger to seal in the moisture like a silicone or petroleum based product. If you find oils/butters don't like more than a couple days look into something unnatural 
I have to wet my hair (wet not wash) under the sink every day because I haven't found a way to preserve my curls overnight. However it has never dried out my hair and I do use a coconut oil on my hair instead of regular products. I find it works best for me to show my greatest version of my natural curls and it works fine. I don't have dried up hair and only the hairs at the nape of my neck even seem to show any dryness. So I say go ahead and go for it. Best of luck!
From what I've heard water is the most moisturizing thing for your hair, and its only bad when you are washing it everyday. Plus its in almost every hair product. Just make sure its clean filtered water instead of hard water like tap since it has chemicals in it. So if your just wetting it instead of washing it, it should be fine.