How often is it okay to stretch my hair?

I found an effective way to stretch my hair without heat but my mom said it's not good to stretch hair too much because it could break off. Can it really break off? And if it does how often should I do it so I won't be breaking too much hair off?

2 Answers

If its without heat and it isnt straining the hair too much, stretching in general its fine. You shouldnt be CONSTANTLY doing it simply because beside breakage you could cause your curl pattern to loosen if it becomes so used to it. Your hair is naturally curly, it naturally has curly curves and bends that it wants to follow on its own. When you tamper with its natural form too much it will change and break. In that sense she is right. IF you have a style or hair cut where you want your hair to be stretched all the time - i suggest you stretch once a week and wrap your hair or loosely twist it at night to keep it stretched. That way you wont be stretching it every single day. Just make sure you continue to take care of it and the rest should be easy!
I definitely agree with your mother and the response above but another thing to keep in mind is that keeping hair stretched helps prevent the strands from wrapping around each other causing knots and breakage. Like my fellow enthusiast above I also agree that stretching your hair once a week and making it last throughout that week is enough. I personally twist my hair after a wash on Saturday leave it until Monday then maybe do a midweek retwist on already stretched hair to last until the next wash day. Plus because its so stretched by the end of the week it makes detangling before the wash that much easier.