Is it okay to not use any leave in conditioner/stylers in my hair?

My hair is soft and curly when I use shampoo and that's it. Whenever I put any conditioner,leave in conditioner,butters, stylers, creams, or any other moisturizer it makes my hair frizzy and and leaves a crusty white build up or my hair is just harder to manage. Even though my hair is easier to manage and looks better without products I feel like it will still get damaged because I'm not putting anything it so should I keep trying products or just use shampoo and nothing else? 

1 Answer

I don't think it's bad as long as you're being cautious with heat. If you found what works for you, go for it :) But, when you do use products after it's washed, what do you use? You shouldn't have any crazy build up after one use of a product..when was the last time you clarified your hair? Make sure you're using a moisturizing wash & conditioner, so your hair gets the moisture it doesn't get from leave ins