some parts of my hair don't curl. The rest due. It looks terrible help !

I've had relaxed hair for about two years. Last year this month I cut of the rest of my relaxed hair and was completely natural ! In the summer my hair was a beautiful curly fro. But all of a sudden certain parts didn't curl anymore just stood straight. And I don't heat damage my hair. If anything I do my best protecting my hair. Before seeing my true hair pattern I would always straighten it. Than one day I washed it and realized I had a beautiful fro! But now it's super un even. I'm mainly a 3c but certain strands are literally like a 2a. It's terrible ! I'm not sure what to do !

1 Answer

are you using silicone products without sulfate shampoo to remove it? i had that once when i though a new product was silicone free but was not and used sulfate free shampoos. the silicone weighed down my hair and stretched it giving it like no definition and shrinkage/spring factor.