Please need help with my hair. its completley damaged right now and i dont know what to do. :(

There are a bit of bald patches well not completely bald but its too too short to even put extensions on them? My hairdresser had to use strings to tie the x-pression hair extensions on my hair!! :/ it was fine when i took out the previous extensions but i left it out for a bout 2 weeks i think? And i dunno what i did wrong. :/ (also i put olive oil on it for hours and then went to wash it off but my hair looked weird afterwards and it was. It was just crazy. :L and before when I'd put hair moisturizer on it it wouldn't absorb like it'll just sit there and my hair felt a bit straw like? . HELP PLEASE!!!! :'( I'm a 4c btw.)

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But does it matter about age? I'm only in my mid teens :L and i have eczema to and i had some on my head before so does that have anything to do with my hair thinning so fast? O.o
maybe you should experiment with some good deep conditioner at least twice a weak for damaged hair and wash your hair a bit less because it strips your hairs natural oils also try the L.O.C method. this all worked for me when my hair was really damaged plus i also have pretty bad eczema as well. hope this helps :)
oh thank you so much. :) hahaha. And yeh i did wash my hair a bit too much. And i'll try it thank you. Wait do you know any good deep conditioning that you think will work for me? There's loads and i dunno which one is the best :L
You should definitely experiment with the L.O.C. method or some variation of it to help your hair retain moisture! To assist with hair growth you should try massaging your scalp with a natural oil. Massage your scalp with oil every other day and you should definitely see results! I have also heard great things about hair vitamins but I would recommend consulting with your physician before taking those! Also, you should be protecting your hair at night with either a satin bonnet or pillowcase. Some people even go so far as to use satin headrest covers for their car! Hope this helps!
@naturalhairkids thank you very much. I will try what you suggested and i have coconut oil atm and it has helped and i will massage my scalp with it this time :)