No poo (BS and ACV) to Co-wash? Help! (Photos)

Hey Guys,So I made the decision a month ago to become no poo (BS and ACV) because I had really oily hair and wanted to go longer between washes. I started out needing to wash my hair everyday or at the most every other day due to the oil build up. So I started BS and ACV about every 5-7 days with dry shampoo and water only rinses in between. And I loved it! I have 2b hair with medium porosity (I think), but after the first week I could go 3 days before I need dry shampoo, then a scrub and a rinse on the 4 day. However I started reading about how damaging baking soda is because it disrupts the ph balance. After about a month I noticed how rough my hair was compared to before which makes me leery of washing with BS. But still do because I need to get rid of the oil buildup. I recently discovered this site and the curly girl method which I never knew about. I didn't even know about curly hair types. I want to try co-washing but need some help. I have oily hair but it's damaged on the ends due to having highlights/coloring. I don't like putting products in my hair as they tend to weigh my hair down and make it greasy. I don't want to wash my hair often but feel I need to if I have gel or mouse in my hair so I just refrain from it (this includes leave-in conditioners ect). I like to be pretty lo maintenance with my hair basically wash and go.What would you guys recommend as a good routine, for 2b hair the cleanses enough I don't have to wash often and helps with oily hair but also helps with the dryness at the ends?***The first photo is 4th day hair with my curls brushed out (to distribute the oils), and the second photo is just washed with BS and ACV first day hair***

1 Answer

I used to wash with Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar and it really damaged my hair after 6 months of doing it twice a week; what I do now is to wash with the egg yolk, it has a PH of 6, so it removes well the oil without being too harsh as the BS (which has a PH of 9), and I keep rinsing with ACV, that works great for me, my hair made a great change. I think the BS method doesn't count as co-wash since it is as harsh as sulfates for your hair. The fact that it's not tecnically toxic doesn't make it good enough to put it on your head, since it is still a chemical. I would really recommend the egg washing if you want a natural method. I've heard some people use honey for shampoo, but I don't think the ph of 4 it has would be good for cleansing oily hair.