Porosity type help

Hi Curlies!So I've been trying to figure out for weeks/months what kind of porosity my hair is so that I can go about making the right product choices to start my CG journey, and I can never seem to get a definite answer. I've tried the float test with the cup of water and my hair floats every time, but I've also heard that that experiment is kind of like "junk science" - whether that's true or not I am not sure. I've also tried the slip/slide test, and it's a really smooth slide up from the ends to the scalp.My hair always feels super dry and parched, and it takes a good 2-3 minutes for it to get completely saturated with water when I'm in the shower, yet tends to air dry relatively quickly (around 2 hours). I do have SUPER fine, low density hair, so part of me wonders if it dries quickly because of it.It frizzes like crazy (3a hair if that helps), and looks like sheep's wool when it's not styled (the best way I can describe it is almost afro-like). It takes to color pretty well, and tends to last pretty long. When I got the keratin treatment a couple years ago, it lasted for nearly a year until I finally decided to go back to curly.I'm sure you guys can see my confusion! If you guys could give your opinion on what you think my porosity type is, I would super appreciate it. <3Thank you!!

3 Answers

Hey, I believe you might have high porosity hair. Did your hair have a ton of products weighing it down while doing the slip and slide test? Your hair drying really fast makes me lean towards high porosity, I have a friend with thick afro like hair but with a 3b-3c curl definition and her hair dries at the snap of her fingers. Also, you have a lot of frizz due to moisture which is an indicator of high porosity in my opinion. Maybe you can try doing the L.O.C for moisture retention and other products for frizz control ( from repair ceam to leave ins, moisturizes or sealants ) You can check anti-humectant product that reduces frizz in a healthier way. Hopefully this helps
thank you! To answer your question I had just washed my hair when I did the slip test. 
next time you use a high protein product see if your hair feels straw like. if it does you have low porosity hair.