Is my post detangling hair ball too big for my hair length?

I'm concerned my post detangling hair ball maybe too big, I have always had issues with shedding, but I never have experienced extreme hair loss or bald spots. But I'm not sure if I'm losing too much now and some of it may be breakage but my hair is growing i just fear my growing may be stopping because of this. natural for 1 year 2moCowash as needed (twice a week mostly)Wash every two weeks with cleansing shampoo and deep conditionDetangle while hair is wet with conditioner in hair, using fingers, wide tooth comb, and detangling brush

2 Answers

You have gorgeous hair. From your hair care routine you described it sounds like you are doing all the right things. My question is what products are you using? A lot of times products have a lot of chemicals in them that are very drying of the hair and cause breakage due to stripping hair of oils. This summer I stopped using commercial brand products because of this and switched to only natural ingredient products. You may want to consider giving it a try. For shampoo I recommend Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe, Bragg apple cider vinegar to clarify if you put gels/mousse/etc. in your hair and Micmas Remix deep conditioner which you can buy on Amazon or My hair is at it's healthiest ever since I started using these products and my shedding is mich less than before. 
Thank you and you're welcome. My hair didn't start growing fast until I switched to MicMas Remix. Plus, I stopped shedding so mich hair, too. I love Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe as a shampoo but Carols Daughter is loaded with fillers and chemicals. Check out the ingredients on Carols Daughter. That's how I was able to get my hair healthy again by only using the Shea Moisture shampoo and MicMas Remix products because they use pure ingredients and nothing else.