Are potien treatments for me?

I have low porosity and I was reading somewhere that those with low porosity should not use products with protien. I hear and read all the time how great protein treatments are, can I do a protein treatment with my low porosity hair?

1 Answer

From my understanding, low porosity hair isn't ideal for protein. That being said, all hair needs the proper protein/ moisture BALANCE. Some need more than others, and low porosity definitely needs little to None. I don't advise a heavy protein treatment like Aphogee. I would start small, maybe a natural concoction you mix up in your kitchen with things that have protein, or using a protein conditioner. If your hair hates these things I would NOT do it again. Also if you don't feel like your hair is "mushy" or like your hair is already fairly strong and has elasticity I wouldn't even bother with protein treatments right now. "If it isn't broken, don't fix it."lol hope this helps, xo.